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About Us- Meet our Chefs!
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Pasteles, Alcapurrias y Coquito...

Carmen's Kitchen

About Us- Meet our Chefs!

All our meals are prepared without preservatives, and are ready to be served for you to enjoy! We only use top quality fresh ingredients to guarantee you and your loved ones the best meal, right in your own home...

freshest ingredients...

Our Mission and Vision
To create a unique, flavorful, healthy and affordable dinning experience for those who don't have the time or energy to cook for themselves and their families.  

Meet Our Chefs!

Eloy Company
Eloy has been following his father's footsteps in the kitchen since he was a child. Even today his father continues to prepare exquisite meals for his family. Eloy learned very quickly how to mix different spices and flavors when preparing international dishes. He has worked in numerous restaurants and his skills and abilities have been recognized by many.



Maribel Lopez
I discovered my love for cooking by smashing a couple of garlic chunks inside a “pilón” while my mother created delicious meals and dishes that I can still smell. Since I was a child, especially because of my Puerto Rican background, food was extremely important. Every special occasion that occurred in my life was accompanied by a big family dinner. Carmen, my mother, was a brilliant woman that could make all your problems disappear with pork chops, rice and beans , while providing for a family and showing me the true meaning of work and sacrifice. Everything I know and hope to pass down to my son is because of her and Carmen’s Kitchen is a tribute to her. I hope everybody enjoys our food, ˇBuen Provecho!