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Carmen's Kitchen

Catering: Party Specials

$ 8.99 per person

$9.99 plus drink (water/soft drinks)

(Tip,tax and delivery service included)


Your choice of: (check out our menu)  




Fish (additional charge)


Two sides:


Pilaf Rice, onion rice, rice with beans, vegetable rice, rice with chorizo, bacon and herbs rice, white rice, fried rice with vegetables, rice with congo peas, steamed veggies, baby carrots, roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes,




Pasta salad with house vinaigrette, potato salad macaroni salad, house, Caesar, tomato and mozzarella, green plantain, cobb, BLT, spinach and greens.


*Any pasta dishes come with your choice of salad and garlic bread


*Additional $1.00 for dessert per person

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